23 comments on “Coffin Hop 2011! (updated)

  1. I had no idea, but it looks like Face by Tim Lebbon ;) Don’t enter me to win, since I just read their answers. I wanted to say thanks though for the recommendation on Back From the Dead. That sounds like high praise, and I’ll take a look. Nice to meet you, Wesley. Congrats on the 4th publication. Keep it up!

  2. Hi Wesley,

    New to your blog, love it! Thanks Sue! This paragraph is from Face by Tim Lebbon.

    Looking forward to more posts! Happy Halloween!


  3. Hello fellow hopper!
    So glad I was able to visit your blog! Hope you get a chance to come and see me–I’m #63. I’m giving a way my books and a chance to win a NOOK. www. penelopecrowe.blogspot.com I am sad to say that I don’t know the book :(
    Thanks again and happy hopping!!
    Penelope Crowe

  4. Tim Lebbon’s Face, as everyone else has already posted. Great author pick, by the way! I am coffin hopping for Halloween while waiting for my other half to bring home food. Very hungry. Could eat a zombie over here. Anyway, creep on by my author blog and lurk awhile. I have interview with Ellen Datlow and some killer pumpkin pics, plus a few black cats. *grins*

    nora at norabpeevy dot com

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