2 comments on “This is me

  1. WHAT?! I did not know you had a first edition copy if I Am Legend!!! Did you intentionally hide this glorious treasure from me? Well my friend I must say, if there was ever a time that I was jealous of your collection, this moment surpasses them all.

    Even though I Am Legend is a phenominal story, I must ask why? Out of all the ground-breaking books you’ve read- and I know because I’ve read some of them too- why I Am Legend? Does it just have sentimental value considering the young age at which you read it? I can understand that. I know my passion for the living dead didn’t arise until you threw The Rising into my hands. Of course I had prior exposure to zombie movies and things growing up. However, the insatiable hunger didn’t surface until that book was put into my hands. Needless to say, it changed everything in my life. I assume the same goes true for you and your book. It awoke something dormant within. Something waiting to come alive, and to show its’ face to the world.

  2. An equally battered copy of We Have Always Lived In The Castle by Shirley Jackson. It was the first horror novel I’d ever read that was written by a female author. (When I was little I thought all writers had to be boys for some reason) and aside from that, it’s well written and an all around fantastic story.

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