Always Behind

I fight technology.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been very far behind the rest of Planet Earth when it comes to the latest technology.  For years, my family never had a home PC and were finally the last of everyone that I knew to get one, and even after getting a hand-me-down junker we were still the last to upgrade to broadband internet, still riding the crest of the wonderful dial-up days.  When cell phones came out, yet again we were the last to know.  In fact, now, I may be the only damn person on the planet that doesn’t own a Smart Phone (I’m actually surprised I have a camera on my P.O.S. cell).  When it came to music, though I had always–and will always–love CDs, I was slow to respond to MP3 players.  “What?  A device that allows you to carry every song you’ve ever heard or will ever hear that’s the size of a wallet?  Yeah…I’ll just stick with my CDs.”  I cringe now when I think about that.  Now, I wouldn’t be able to function without that stupid little Zune (yes, I’m a Zune owner; take pictures, I may be the only person you know that love theirs).  Yes, we were even the last to discover the wonders of DVDs.  But that’s just how I’ve always been: I fight technology.  I don’t want to change.  I want things to stay the same.

Last week my parents decided to buy me a new TV for my house.  A very large flat screen plasma, I might add.  But I fought it.  I didn’t want a new TV!  What was wrong with my little 25″ TV that moaned when you kept it on for too long?  The one with the static line that runs through the middle of the screen.  And WTF do I need HD cable for?  Regular would do me just fine, thank you very  much.  But then I plugged it in (and subsequently found the HD channels my cable provider had been telling me about) and was blown the hell away!  What was I fighting?  Awesomeness?  Watching TV and movies in high quality and superior sound?  I must have been out of my mind.

Now I want a Blu-Ray player…and yet again I’m a few years behind.

I’m done fighting technology.  You win.

1 thought on “Always Behind

  1. You aren’t alone in the fight. I’m right there with you. The TV in our living room is the one my husband bought when he graduated from college 11 years ago. He keeps pointing out spiffy new ones in ads, but my retort is until our younger daughter learns to stop coloring on the TV I don’t want one I care about. Other than his computer (which he keeps very up-to-date), all of our electronics are like that. I’ll upgrade when the old one dies!

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