Here We Go Again…

Well, it seems that Mr. Tony G. has not listened to the outcries of damn-near everyone in the publishing community over the last month.  My guess is that he suffers terribly from In-One-Ear-And-Out-The-Other Syndrome.  A few minutes ago I received an email from the now infamous Undead Press editor asking me if I’d like to re-publish my former Cavalcade of Terror story in a new anthology of his–complete with new name, new cover art, and all the Thanksgiving fixings.  I took every ounce of strength to not write back, “Are you fucking high?”  But since I strive to be a professional, I simply wrote:

Absolutely not.

–Wesley Southard

I’m asking everyone out there–whether you’re a writer or a fan–to please not fall for this man’s crap.  It’s obvious he hasn’t learned a thing from this experience and will continue to do what he’s always done best: screwing authors.  I urge everyone reading this to give Tony and his unsavory “publishing” ethics a wide berth, as I imagine what has already happened to several other authors will more than likely happen again.  I don’t mean any disrespect to those who have published with him or will continue to publish with him, and I’m not asking anyone to write any more mean-spirited reviews on Amazon or emails to Mr. G.  Just remember why this entire debacle started in the first place.  (If you need a refresher, just read the post titled “Enough is Enough.”)

Just a friendly warning.

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