Make Me Read Your Book Podcast

Make Me Read logoA few months ago, before the world went all splody, my wife, Katie, started a new podcast.  Since she’s around so many amazing horror authors on a fairly regular basis, she saw an opportunity as a new reader to the genre to bring a fresh concept to the podcast game.  MAKE ME READ YOUR BOOK is a podcast for new readers, where every week Katie interviews a great mix of established names and up-and-comers in the horror world, reads a book of theirs based on their suggestion, and then discusses the book and how she felt about it.

So far she’s interviewed Jonathan Janz, Somer Canon, Ronald Malfi, Paul Tremblay, Brian Keene, Mary Hart, Jeff Strand, Jacob Haddon, Mary SanGiovanni, James A. Moore, Asher Ellis, Bracken MacLeod, Kristopher Triana, Samantha Kolesnik, Wile E. Young, and Chandler Morrison.  Over the next three weeks she has C.V. Hunt, Simon Clark, and Tim Lebbon.

MAKE ME READ YOUR BOOK is available across all podcast platforms, including Google Play, iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher, and Podbean.  Subscribe, leave a review, and make sure to follow her on Facebook (Make Me Read Your Book Podcast), Twitter (@makemereadpod), and Instagram (makemereadpod) and let her know what you think.

Happy listening!

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