Midnight in the Pentagram

Midnight AuthorAs it was announced earlier today on social media, my short story “My Body” was accepted to be in the upcoming epic demonology anthology MIDNIGHT IN THE PENTAGRAM from Silver Shamrock Publishing.  This book is building up quite the all-star roster, which they are still adding to:

Brian Keene
Graham Masterton
Catherine Cavendish
James Newman
Chad Lutzke
Tim Curran
Shannon Felton
Todd Keisling
Tony Tremblay
Stephanie Ellis
Willie Meikle
Jason Parent
Laurel Hightower
Matt Hayward
Tim Meyer
Azzurra Nox
JG Faherty
Armand Rosamilia
Charlotte Platt
Mark Steensland
Michael Patrick Hicks
Cameron Ulam

Coming late summer 2020…

On a side note: I am already thrilled to be in this book, getting to share the TOC with many of my friends and peers, but to be in the same pages as my literary hero Graham Masterton is an absolute dream come true.  I can’t even stand how excited I am for this!



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