Books For Sale!

Books for SaleSince nearly all of the conventions are being cancelled left and right, authors like myself are left with dozens of unsold books at home.  Let’s do something about that!  Right now I am offering all of my current titles, which I can sign and ship directly to you (with maybe a goody or two thrown in, as well).  Here’s what I have on hand:

RESISTING MADNESS ($15) — 5 left

ONE FOR THE ROAD ($12) — Plenty of copies left

CLOSING COSTS ($7) — 6 left

THE BETRAYED ($17) — Currently out of stock, more have been ordered

All of these prices have shipping included, but the shipping price will be adjusted depending on the number of books bought.  Unfortunately I can only ship to US addresses at this time, as I was told recently they were not shipping outside of the country right now.  Hopefully that will change soon.

If any of these books are what you’re looking for, email me at and I’ll get you hooked up.

Stay safe and happy reading!


CoronaConWelp, we should have been in Racine, Wisconsin this weekend for Scares That Care.  We all should have been hanging out with old friends, meeting new friends, making new readers, selling books, eating good food, but…Covid 19.  Yeah, it sucks.  A lot.  The pandemic has more or less killed off the next several months of gatherings and conventions and meet-ups and all that good stuff.  Or has it…?

We have a solution!

Thanks to the tireless efforts of Kelli Owen, we now have a virtual convention to take its place.  On Saturday April 18th, 2020 you will have access to a FREE online convention we’re calling CoronaCon.  Myself, Bob Ford, Brian Keene, Somer Canon, Wesley Southard, Matt Hayward, Aaron Dries, Kelli Owen, Bob Pastorella, Tim Meyer, Stephen Kozeniewski, Jonathan Janz, and Bracken MacLeod will all be taking part in some fashion.  Below is the schedule:

9:45 am — Kick Off: Joe Ripple of Scares That Care
10:00 am — Reading: Bob Ford
10:30 am — Panel: “Finding New Readers” Stephen Kozeniewski, Mary SanGiovanni, Aaron Dries, Wile E. Young, moderator: Steve Pattee (of Horror DNA)
11:30 am — Reading: Brian Keene
12:00 pm — Panel: “Collaborations” Bob Ford, Matt Hayward, Somer Canon, Wes Southard, moderator: Sadie Hartman (MotherHorror of Nightworms)
1:00 pm — Reading: Aaron Dries
1:30 pm — Panel: “Characters likable vs. compelling” Bracken MacLeod, Kelli Owen, Tim Meyer, moderator: Bob Pastorella (of This is Horror)
2:30 pm — Reading: Jonathan Janz
3:00 pm — Reading: Stephen Kozeniewski
3:30 pm — Panel: “Versatility and cross-genre” Brian Keene, Jonathan Janz, TBA, moderator: Shane Keene (of Ink Heist)
4:30 pm — Reading: Bracken MacLeod

Again, join us tomorrow starting at 9:45 am EST Live on YouTube.  And yes, if you can’t make it to watch live then it will be available permanently to watch whenever you want right afterwards.

See you all there!


One For The Road…ora in italiano!

Dunwich logoThe ink is dry, and the contract has been sent in.

I’m proud to announce the Italian language rights to my novella ONE FOR THE ROAD have been sold to Dunwich Edizioni! This is the first time in my career that I have sold foreign language rights to any of my books, so I am over the moon excited! More info when the time comes.


Splatterpunk AwardsSo Brian Keene and Wrath James White announced this year’s nominees for the 2020 Splatterpunk Awards, the premier awards for the extreme and splatterpunk horror genre, and I found out that I have not one but two books that are nominated!  My Deadite Press release ONE FOR THE ROAD is up for Best Novella, and my short story collection RESISTING MADNESS from Death’s Head Press is up for Best Collection.  To say I’m excited is a MASSIVE understatement.  Thank you to everyone who sent in their recommendations, and a huge congrats to everyone who was nominated in every category!  Everyone absolutely deserves to be there.  Man, August can’t get here soon enough!

—For Immediate Release

February 9, 2020

Best-selling authors and Splatterpunk Award founders Wrath James White and Brian Keene are proud to announce the nominees for the 2020 Splatterpunk Awards, honoring superior achievement for works published in 2019 in the sub-genres of Splatterpunk and Extreme Horror. The nominees are recommended by readers, fans and peers. The nominees are as follows.


1. Carnivorous Lunar Activities by Max Booth III (Cinestate/Fangoria)
2. Killer Lake by W.D. Gagliani and David Benton (Deadite Press)
3. Reception by Kenzie Jennings (Death’s Head Press)
4. Lakehouse Infernal by Christine Morgan (Deadite Press)
5. Merciless by Bryan Smith (Grindhouse Press)
6. Toxic Love by Kristopher Triana (Blood Bound Books)
7. They Kill by Tim Waggoner (Flame Tree Press)


1. White Trash Gothic Part 2 by Edward Lee (Section 31 Productions)
2. Saint Sadist by Lucas Mangum (Grindhouse Press)
3. Weeping Season by Sean O’Connor (Uafas Press)
4. How Much To..? by Matt Shaw (Self-Published)
5. One For the Road by Wesley Southard (Deadite Press)
6. Paradise, Maine by Jackson R. Thomas (Alien Agenda Publishing)


1. “Breaking the Waters” by Donyae Coles (from Pseudopod)
2. “Angelbait” by Ryan Harding (from The Big Book of Blasphemy, Necro Publications)
3. “Censered” by Christine Morgan (from And Hell Followed, Death’s Head Press)
4. “Shoulder Pain” by Chandler Morrison (from Macabre Museum Magazine)
5. “Param” by Susan Snyder (from Trigger Warning: Body Horror, Madness Heart Press)
6. “Norwegian Woods” by Jeremy Wagner (from The Big Book of Blasphemy, Necro Publications)


1. Dead Sea Chronicles by Tim Curran (Bloodshot Books)
2. Various States of Decay by Matt Hayward (Poltergeist Press)
3. Dawn of the Living Impaired, and Other Messed-Up Zombie Stories by Christine Morgan (Death’s Head Press)
4. This Is A Horror Book by Charles Austin Muir (Clash Books)
5. Dirty Rotten Hippies and Other Stories by Bryan Smith (Grindhouse Press)
6. Resisting Madness by Wesley Southard (Death’s Head Press)


1. And Hell Followed, edited by Jarod Barbee and Patrick C. Harrison III (Death’s Head Press)
2. The Big Book of Blasphemy, edited by Regina Mitchell and David G. Barnett (Necro Publications)
3. Dig Two Graves, edited by Jarod Barbee and Patrick C. Harrison III (Death’s Head Press)
4. Midnight In The Graveyard, edited by Kenneth W. Cain (Silver Shamrock Publishing)
5. The New Flesh: A Literary Tribute to David Cronenberg, edited by Sam Richard and Brendan Vidito (Weirdpunk Books)
6. Polish Extreme, edited by Edward Lee & Karolina Kaczkowska (Necro Publications)

A panel of judges composed of professionals, critics and scholars in the field will now begin the process of reading each nominated work, and selecting a winner for each category. Winners will be announced at KillerCon, taking place in Austin, Texas this August 7th through the 9th.

In addition to the winners, author and editor Edward Lee will receive the annual J.F. Gonzalez Lifetime Achievement Award honoring his significant contributions to the sub-genres of Splatterpunk and Extreme Horror. Previous recipients are David J. Schow and David G. Barnett.

Four notes of interest regarding this year’s awards:

1. While each category normally has six nominees, press will note that the Best Novel category for this year contains seven. That is due to a tie in the recommendation process.

2. While scholar and editor Regina Mitchell has served as a judge in previous years, she will not be a part of this year’s judging panel, as that would violate the award’s rules regarding eligible works (for The Big Book of Blasphemy). Her replacement, along with the identities of the other judges, will be announced in a separate forthcoming press release.

3. This year saw a significant increase in the number of women and authors who identify as female writing Splatterpunk and Extreme Horror. The recommendation process evidenced readers and fans mentioning a number of new female voices.

4. This year also saw a significant increase in the number of consumers reading Splatterpunk and Extreme Horror, as evidenced by the number of new readers participating in the recommendation process.

Press inquiries can be sent to Wrath James White or Brian Keene


Resisting Madness coverWhile my new book RESISTING MADNESS continues to sell well and gain praise, I want to take a moment and highlight these three particular reviews.  Thank you to Jamie, Lisa, and Adam for your thoughts and you kind words.  It’s very much appreciated.

Want to taste the madness yourself?  Amazon has you covered with the trade paperback and e-book.

New Book Announcement!

Silver Shamrock announcementToday, Silver Shamrock Publishing announced they have signed myself and Somer Canon to publish our brand new, co-written novella SLAVES TO GRAVITY.  It will be released on July 7th 2020, just in time for Scares that Care Weekend in Williamsburg, VA, a charity convention both Somer and I have been involved with and tabling at for the last several years.  We’re both very excited for everyone to check this book out!  More info very soon.

Now Available: Resisting Madness!

Resisting Madness full layoutJust look at that gorgeous cover layout!

My first short story collection, Resisting Madness, is now available from Death’s Head Press through Amazon in trade paperback and e-book.  It contains thirteen short stories (five of which are previously unreleased) and a brand new twenty thousand word novella, the title story to the collection.  I’m really happy with the way this book has come out, and early reception so far has been very positive.  I’m excited to hear what everyone thinks!

Official Back Cover Copy:

What drives a man mad?

Maybe it’s the death of a loved one…or the petrifying fear of hands around your throat…the dread of rejection…or maybe it’s the black, soulless eyes of a child that shatters your sanity…

Within these pages, delirium reigns supreme. You’ll discover how far a prisoner will go to be with his dying wife, and what lurks between the walls of that Louisiana jailhouse to keep him there. You’ll find out how deep a man can cut himself to dig out the past. You’ll meet a college professor whose fear of flying might be the least of his worries. And you’ll learn how a sister’s love for sweet treats can reunite a broken family…whether they want it or not.

Aliens and lot lizards…disembodied lips…the voice of God Himself…

Thirteen stories and a brand new novella from horror author Wesley Southard.

Within these pages, we all go a little mad…

Trade Paperback



A Thank You!

Exton readingYesterday In Exton, PA at the Chester County Library was the last public appearance/book signing of 2019. Thank you to everyone who came out and bought books, engaged in great conversation, and gave me a lot of smiles this year. Now onward to 2020!


(photos by Kenneth Cain and Lois Shupp)