2012 Writing Goals

I realize that I don’t blog enough, and I apologize for that, it’s just…well, let’s be honest with them, Wes: I really don’t know what to write about half the time.  I’m not going to say I’m boring or anything, but even though I have my own opinions like everyone else (you know, like everyone having an asshole), I don’t always feel the need to throw it out there until I feel it needs to be said.  I’m a twenty-four year old guy (soon to be twenty-five in a few weeks), I live alone with my cat (which will change in a month or so when Katie and her animals move out here with me), and I get up every morning, go to work, come home, fart, eat, scratch myself, write, watch Comedy Central, go to bed, and repeat.  I sometimes struggle to find something to blog about that might catch someone–anyone’s!–attention.  That’s why there’s not always a new blog.  But I hope to change that soon.  With Katie moving out here in a few short weeks, life is about to take a serious turn.  Things couldn’t be better for me, and with this new addition to my house I believe I will have more things to speak about–subjects that’ll let you in on little ol’ me.

But until then, here are my writing goals for the year.  I’m sure things will change as 2012 barrels forward, but as of January this is how things hope to pan out:

  1. Finish the five or six half-finished short stories that are sitting in my computer untouched.  I know they’re good ideas and all they require is sitting down and completing them.
  2. Finish the third draft edits of my novel, titled “The Betrayed.”  It currently sits at 92,251 words, but my ultimate goal is to slice it down to 87-88k.  At the advice of someone much wiser than I, I haven’t touched it or looked it over since this time last year, but my plan is driving through it head-first after those handful of short stories are done.  Four and a half years is long enough on this bad boy.
  3. After the novel is done, I want to spend the rest of the year working on two novellas.  One titled “One for the Road” is about a quarter done, and the other, which currently has no title, has yet to be started.

That’s it.  Not too unreasonable if you ask me.

And should something else come up, I’ll be ready.