New Release Giveaway: Daily Flash 2012

As I figure I’ll be doing with every new release from here on out, I present to you the Daily Flash 2012 (from the great Pill Hill Press) giveaway!  It features my story “God Bless You” and a whole mess of other flash fiction stories from authors like Brent Abell, Michele Mixell, Lesley Conner, Sheri White and more!

I’ve got one signed copy that you can win starting today (I’ll even have my good friend, author Brent Abell sign for his 2 stories as well…I work with the guy).  The giveaway will end promptly at midnight on Wednesday December 21st, and I will randomly draw a name from the hat and announce the winner here on Thursday the 22nd.  All you have to do is put your name in the comment section before midnight on Wednesday.  That’s it!  I’ll contact the winner by late Thursday.

P.S. This contest is restricted to U.S. and Canada residents only.  Sorry.

Thanks, everyone, and good luck!

Now Available: Daily Flash 2012: 366 Days of Flash Fiction (Leap Year Edition)

As of today, Daily Flash 2012 is finally available to the public!  Within the 544 pages are 366 five hundred or less word flash fiction stories, one quick read for every day of 2012 (yes, including February 29th), and includes my official second short story publication.  I’m very pleased to be finally sharing the pages of this fine anthology with many of my writer friends, like Brent Abell, Michele Mixell, Sheri White, and Lesley Conner–not to mention the hundreds of other authors that fill these pages.

My story “God Bless You,” which falls on July 19th (I only say this because there’s no TOC in the book), is my attempt at subtle, kind of gross humor.  I didn’t want to be overly serious with it, and what came out will hopefully make you laugh and say “WTF?”

Here’s the tagline: A woman.  A killer.  A stairwell.  A completely ridiculous story.

As of right now, it’s available on Amazon in trade paperback.  I will update my Biblio page as it becomes available on Barnes and Noble and in its various forms of E-books.

Thanks, everyone!  Hope you enjoy!