Now Available: Grindhouse

Keep reminding yourself, it’s only a book…It’s only a book…It’s only a book…

From some of the best writers in the genre comes this all new collection of exciting, exploitative and downright nasty tale. From bug infestations to body mutilations, no stone is left unturned by these sick and twisted minds. Marvel, if you will, at the evil teddies; try to remain calm as the babysitter gets more than just free food and a nice tip; come out from behind the sofa and finish the tale about the flesh-eating clowns; regulate your breathing as the pole-dancer learns some new tricks. It’s all inside this terrifying anthology, and much, much more.

I’m very happy to annouce that Grindhouse, from Crowded Quarantine Publications, has officially been released!  Not only does it contain “Home Invasion,” the novelette co-written by myself and Nikki McKenzie, but 16 other stories of madness and chaos from some of the best new writers in the genre.  I think I speak for the both of us when I say this story was a blast to write and hopefully a blast to read.

Here’s the description:  Luck is in short supply these days, and truck driver Justin Fisher would know. With a gambling addiction threatening his budding family, Fisher sets out to right himself…but what he and his work partner find on a Tennessee mountainside may have other plans…

Patience is also running on empty as his fiancee, Missy, finds her own problem back at home…the squirming, multi-legged type.

Rednecks…aliens…bugs…and lot lizards…

Keep your eyes open. Invaders come from high and low.

As of right now it’s only available on Kindle (Nook version coming soon), but as soon as it’s released in paperback (I’m told in mid-July) or any other format, I will let everyone know.

Happy reading!