Unfit For Burial: Four Short Stories — now in paperback!

UNFIT COVERAs the post’s title suggests, Unfit For Burial: Four Short Stories is officially available in all formats, including a beautiful trade paperback.

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Now Available: Unfit For Burial

UNFIT COVERI’m excited to announce the arrival of my first chapbook, UNFIT FOR BURIAL: FOUR SHORT STORIES.  It compiles my now out of print stories ‘With Many Thanks to Newark’, ‘God Bless You’, ‘A Promise Not Kept’, and ‘Between Those Walls’.  This chapbook is the result of a lot of hard work from a few talented people who I consider my close friends.  A massive thank you to Jacob Haddon for putting this chapbook together for me, to Bob Ford for the cover design, and Susan Scofield for allowing me use her photograph for the cover.  You three are the best.  I owe you all big time.

Although the paperback will still be a week or so away (I’m waiting to approve the proof copy that’s being shipped to me as I type this), the chapbook is currently available in eBook form for Kindle and at Smashwords, both for only $2.99 a piece.

I hope you’ll decide to check it out.  I think you’ll enjoy it.

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Unfit For Burial: Four Short Stories

With his father dying in a hospital bed several states away, Tesh Hagman boards a plane of nightmares where not everyone is quite what they seem. “Why the hell is everyone smiling?”

A woman. A killer. A stairwell.

Ted is just trying to lose his virginity to Keira, the girlfriend of his dreams, but how is his eagerness viewed from beyond the grave?

His wife is dying, and Doug Brett is determined to break from prison to see her one last time…even if something unseen is keeping him there. What exactly is Warden Dempson keeping between those walls?

Four short stories of horror and suspense from up and coming author Wesley Southard.